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The Big Picture

Top Level ("Must See") Resources


Nate Hagens 

• "The Human Predicament" -- Keynote address at 2019 Resilience Gathering (58 min.)

• "Energy and Our Future" website and "Reality 101" short course videos (also here)

• "Reality 101: What every student (and citizen) should know" (also here)


A Scientific Understanding of Impermanence and Death as Sacred


Human Nature and the Challenges of Living With Instincts Designed by Evolution for Sustainable Cultures


The Epic of Evolution (a.k.a., The Universe Story, or Big "Green" History


Additional "Big Picture" Resources


"Reverend Reality" Youtube channel  /  "The Great Story" Youtube channel


Michael Dowd's two TEDx talks and "Ecology as the Heart of Theology" sermons


"The Great Story" website


"ProFuture Faith: The Prodigal Species Comes Home" 2-part (eight 20 min sessions) video discussion course